How many calories does playing paintball burn?

paintball benefits

Paintball is an intense game. We will go armed with a mask, ammunition and a paintball marker. However, it is actually a fun and interactive way to work as a team and get some exercise.

You don't have to be afraid to play. The paintball gun is loaded with gelatin cartridges filled with a type of paint that marks a person or object when hit. Despite creating some rejection due to possible bruises, it is an activity that has numerous benefits.

calories burned

The calories burned per game of paintball vary for each person. We must also consider some factors, such as weight, age, body fat percentage and how active you are in the game of paintball. For example, if we stay in cover throughout the game, we won't burn as much as someone who is actively running the entire game.

Now, suppose each game of paintball lasts one hour, active players burn about 340-420 calories. While non-active players burn around 200 calories. However, counting how many calories you burned during a paintball game is quite a challenge. By tracking heart rate, distance traveled during gameplay, and movement speed, we'll be able to get a more accurate number.

We can try using a calorie tracker app. It is easy to download on any mobile smartphone. However, keep in mind that the data obtained from tracking apps is not accurate, but it is a good way to get approximate data.

Paintball is an intense game that helps us burn some extra calories. However, it must be borne in mind that playing a session will not help us lose weight. However, doing a regular paintball session helps to lose weight. Also, paintball sessions help reduce blood pressure, depression and heart disease.

Is it a good workout?

Paintball is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that requires a high demand on stamina and agility because the game is strategic and fast-paced. Most players don't realize its physical benefits.

Paintball is a fast and fun way to get HIIT just playing. This involves doing high-intensity workouts with little rest time, which is why it's called "high-intensity interval training." Unlike exercising on a treadmill, paintball does not involve monotonous movements. Instead, multiple body parts are involved in the workout. This involves physical exertion such as dodging, speeding up, shooting, crawling, and running.

As the game gets intense, your heart rate skyrockets. This helps maximize the capacity of the lungs and hearts, giving you the ability to exercise longer and with more intensity.

paintball calories burned


Most of us try to get back in shape by going to the gym and watching our diet. The downside of going to a gym is that it easily becomes an obligation. That's why outdoor activities like paintball are easy ways to stay active and help improve overall health and fitness.

Full body workout

As we mentioned earlier, paintball is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. The various physical movements we perform during a paintball session provide a full-body strength workout. If we're trying to build more muscle, improve flexibility, and increase strength, paintball is perfect.

It typically takes place in an outdoor setting where there are hills and bumpy terrain. A lot of movement and walking is involved when we play paintball. Carrying heavy equipment and accessories will give your body a complete workout.

Increases strength and stamina

If we want to be a professional paintball player, we need to develop excellent cardiovascular endurance. During a match, players must move quickly while carrying their equipment. The areas that develop strength during paintball are the arms, legs, and torso.

The amount of time spent playing on the course also increases stamina levels. Since we have heavy equipment during a paintball match, the strength will improve. With regular practice, we can expect to have bigger muscles and greater strength and stamina.

More fun than the gym

Some people are not motivated enough to go to the gym even though they are eager to lose weight or get in shape. The gym environment is not for everyone. If we are this type of person, paintball is a good and exciting alternative.

The combination of fast-paced action, full-body training, and intense cardiovascular training will be enough to burn the same calories as going to the gym.

fun way to lose weight

Every year, people set aside money for gym fees, but they never see noticeable results after a year. The main reason why most people are not successful in their weight loss process is that gym exercises are not fun.

Instead, playing paintball allows us to train the whole body while having fun. Most of the time, gamers forget to get tired due to how intense and competitive the games are. The intense training we experience when we play paintball is a great and fun way to lose weight.

paintball benefits

Improves coordination and dexterity

Muscular strength and stamina are not enough if your goal is to be successful in your chosen sport. We need to learn how to use that strength and stamina effectively and quickly.

Paintball promotes excellent hand-eye coordination because you have to be precise and fast during the game. Plus, it's not just a fitness activity, it also improves analytical skills and stimulates the mind. In every move we make, we need to have a strategy. This means that we need a sharp mind.

Stress relief

Stress is part of life. Most of the time, a large number of stress levels can affect a person's state of mind. Playing sports is one of the many ways to keep your mind calm by venting anger and frustration without hurting anyone.

In some cases, venting your frustration can even help you improve your paintball skills. The endorphins released when playing paintball help eliminate stress and maintain a calm attitude.

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