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  • German portillo

    I am a personal trainer and sports nutritionist. I am passionate about everything related to training and healthy lifestyle habits. I think I can contribute a lot of quality and valuable information to this blog. I think I can contribute a lot of quality and valuable information to this blog. I like to share my knowledge and experiences, articles about training, nutrition, supplementation, injury prevention and much more. Are you interested in a training and nutrition plan? Find me on Instagram as @german_entrena and I will advise you personally.

Former editors

  • Carol Alvarez

    I was born in Madrid, the capital of Spain, where I grew up surrounded by culture and diversity. Since I was little I was interested in the world of marketing and commerce, and I decided to study that career at university. However, he also had another passion: sports and health. I liked taking care of my body and mind, and learning about how to improve my quality of life. Therefore, when I finished my studies, I enrolled in several courses related to personal training and nutrition, and obtained several certifications that endorse me as a professional. But I not only like practicing sports and healthy eating, but also sharing my knowledge and experiences with other people.

  • Irene Torres

    I like to write about lifestyle and healthy living, because I believe it is a way of taking care of ourselves and our environment. Since I discovered the benefits of sport, I have not stopped practicing it and learning new disciplines that help me stay in shape and feel good. I am also interested in balanced eating, meditation, mindfulness and everything that contributes to improving my quality of life. My goal is to share my knowledge and experiences with you, and offer you practical and useful advice so that you too can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

  • Sofia Pacheco

    I consider myself an enthusiastic, proactive, curious person and a tireless seeker of inspiration, qualities that allow me to enjoy this great website even more and that I hope to pass on to you through my articles. Since I was little, I have always liked to write and read about topics that I am passionate about, such as well-being, ecology, sports and culture. Therefore, when I discovered LifeStyle, I knew it was the perfect place for me. Here I can share my knowledge, experiences and advice with a community of readers who share my same vision.

  • Juan Merlos

    Hello, I am an editor specialized in sports nutrition and physical exercise. I have been writing for more than 10 years on topics related to physical and mental well-being, balanced nutrition, physical exercise and disease prevention. I have collaborated with several magazines and blogs in the sector, as well as with health and sports professionals. My goal is to offer accurate, useful and updated information to readers, so that they can improve their quality of life and achieve their personal goals. I love learning new things and staying up to date with the latest trends and research in this field.

  • Luis Mesa

    As a born athlete, I like to know the latest news about health, sports and nutrition. And I also love to transmit to you all the knowledge that I am acquiring. With a little luck, I will make you a fan of healthy living and that you can learn, as I did in my day, not only to enjoy sports but also life. My goal is to inspire you with my experiences, advice and recommendations so that you can lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I am passionate about writing about topics that help you improve your physical and mental well-being, from healthy and delicious recipes to exercise and meditation routines.