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air fryer cupcakes

Healthy pastries do not exist 100%, but they can be improved to the point of being considered a healthy treat. This is what we present today with this recipe for fit muffins or healthy muffins that we are going to make in an air fryer.

Muffins are a classic breakfast in thousands of homes, but we cannot say that they are healthy, much less if they are the ultra-processed muffins that we buy in supermarkets that are loaded with refined oils and sugars, as well as poor-quality flour.

Today we come to turn everything around and offer a quick, delicious and moderately healthy alternative. With our recipe we will have delicious muffins in less than half an hour, including the preparation time and using an air fryer or air fryer, as it is also known.

It is healthy?

The recipe that we bring is healthy because we change some ingredients for their healthy alternatives. For example, instead of using sugar we will use erythritol, which is a healthy sweetener. Stevia can also be used, but don't be fooled, there are others such as fructose, sucrose, glucose syrup, saccharin, etc. They are not recommended due to their direct action on blood sugar levels and the health problems that their use entails.

We will also use ingredients that provide nutrients such as cinnamon and lemon, as well as flour and yeast, or eggs and extra virgin olive oil. Later we will see how to get this same recipe, but vegan, that is, eliminating the eggs, and yes, it is 100% possible.

In total, approximately, each cupcake (standard size) has about 90 calories. It all depends on whether or not we follow our recipe, since if we use vanilla extract, the calories increase, in the same way as if we use refined sugar instead of using erythritol or Stevia.

How to improve the recipe

This recipe in itself is perfect, because it has few ingredients and just changing one is already vegan. In fact, the fact that it is vegan means that it is also suitable for all kinds of people, even those who are allergic to eggs, dairy products or the fruits that we want to put on it.

The truth is that yes, the recipe can be improved. For example, to the original mixture of whole wheat flour, cornstarch, eggs, erythritol, extra virgin olive oil, baking powder, lemon zest and cinnamon, we can add vanilla extract, red fruits, strawberries, jam, and even various types of chocolate.

Of course, each extra ingredient increases the calories. For example, put a chocolate that is not pure cocoa powder, but regular milk chocolate, can make each cupcake go up almost 160 kilocalories, so they would no longer be healthy.

That extra ingredient should be added to the mixture and beat normally. The result will not vary, it will only change color and flavor. In fact, instead of using olive oil, some people use very good quality butter (without salt). This way you get a spongier texture, especially if we mount the whites. But it is not necessary.

Why make them in Airfryer?

Healthy muffins in the Airfryer are fantastic, and you'll never want to go back to making muffins in the oven, after you've tried the air fryer method.

Air fryer muffins are fantastic because:

  • As the air circulates, it helps produce a moister, lighter cupcake.
  • We can use our favorite air fryer cupcake liners.
  • We can mix and match with favorite muffin fillings.
  • We can use the Airfryer to melt the chocolate or butter while we make the filling.
  • The muffins are easy to wash up afterwards with very little preparation.
  • We can cook several muffins at the same time, depending on the size of the fryer.
  • The air fryer uses dry circulating heat, making the process quick and easy.
  • No need to pull out the toaster oven or turn on the larger oven. The air fryer uses less electricity and will not heat the house.
  • No need to supervise children. We will simply set the timer and wait for them to be ready.

However, to make the best muffins in an air fryer, we must choose the temperature wisely:

  • If they go in too hot with the fryer, they will burn and not be moist
  • If it goes in too fast, we won't have that melt in the center of the mouth.

It is recommended to focus on a temperature of 160º C and we will obtain the best results.

Healthy and vegan cupcakes

Can it be made vegan?

Of course yes, in fact, we have been announcing it since the beginning of the text. You only have to make a simple change, since the basic recipe on which we are going to work has eggs, which we have already seen, if we whip the whites we get a different texture, but that does not work if we want healthy and vegan muffins.

Therefore, we have to look for a substitute for eggs without spoiling the result. There are several alternatives to eggs. On the one hand, we can use vegan egg preparation, we can also use flour and water, or our favorite option is to use Nut cream 100%.

This increases the nutritional value of the dessert, the taste, but also the calories. Another alternative is to use applesauce or banana puree. The apple usually provides little flavor, but the banana provides an unmistakable flavor and quite a few hydrates, so this option is not the best. We can also use carrots or pumpkin, always pureed, although the carrot will add more flavor than the pumpkin.


There are some recommendations that we should take into account so that the result of the recipe was the best possible.

What type of mold to use?

Depending on the air fryer model, you may have different settings to choose from. It doesn't matter which setting we use as they are just presets with a suggested temperature and time.

Whichever setting we choose, the only two things that matter are time and temperature. Time and temperature recommendations can be found in the recipe instructions.

We can use silicone molds without risk of deformation. However, it seems that for the air fryer cupcakes one would prefer to use paper liners. However, if we use paper molds, it will be necessary to use something so that it sits without deforming or coming off the sides.

How to prevent them from deforming?

Some models of air fryers blow air directly onto the muffin tops, causing them to crust too soon and therefore become misshapen. To avoid this, we could try to distribute them in the basket so that the air does not blow directly on them. For example, we will place them on the sides of the basket to avoid the center if the fryer has a hot spot in the center.

Other than that, we can coat the muffins with coarse sugar to delay the formation of a crust, resulting in well-rised muffin tops.

What configuration to use?

Depending on the air fryer model, you may have different settings to choose from. It doesn't matter which setting you use as they are just presets with a suggested temperature and time. Whichever setting you choose, the only two things that matter are time and temperature. Time and temperature recommendations can be found in the recipe card at the end of this article.

Another detail to keep in mind is that it is not necessary to preheat the air fryer.


To keep these muffins healthy for several days, the most important thing is not to make a lot, that is, calculate how many we are going to be and place about 2 or 3 per head. If it is true that it is better that there are not enough left over, but let us also think that if there are too many left over we will be eating muffins for several days so as not to throw them away and waste food.

Having this clear, we recommend that the first day they can be left on the tray or on the plate where we put them to offer, but only for a maximum of 5 hours. Afterwards, we have to find a better place for them to last at least 3 days in good condition.

They are homemade healthy muffins, so they do not have preservatives or anything similar, so after 48 hours they will not be as juicy as we want, that is why we give a maximum of 3 days. Another option is to wash them down with milk, or crumble them as much as possible and use them as the base of a cake.

The best way to preserve them is to wait for them to cool down and store them, without them stepping on each other, in a glass tupperware with airtight lid. It is quite probable that we need either a large tupperware or several small ones. This tupperware should not go to the fridge, but should remain in a dry place, without changes in temperature, without sunlight, without humidity, or wind, and every time we open the lid, close it immediately so that as little air as possible enters. and not spoil the rest of the cupcakes.

Needless to say, but we remember. When we handle the inside of the tupperware, we will do it with clean hands or use tweezers, since there may be cross-contamination of bacteria that will spoil our healthy cupcakes.

For reheat muffins in an air fryer, we will start by preheating the fryer to 150ºC. Then, we'll place the buns in the fryer basket and cook for about two to three minutes. We'll check them often to make sure they don't overcook or dry out.

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