Sugar-free fit orange yogurt

An orange yogurt in a glass jar

In the supermarket we have never seen an orange yogurt, but we have seen lemon and orange, or orange and other fruits. That doesn't mean it's a dangerous mix, as that's another '90s generation myth. It just so happens that commercial yogurts rarely have any real fruit or fresh fruit flavor, and the orange flavor isn't at all. achieved in the industry.

Making orange yogurt has no mystery and it is so easy that in a short time we will already be savoring it. It is a quick and sugar-free recipe, since, in our case, we will use erythritol instead of white sugar or any other low-quality sweetener such as fructose or sucrose.

Erythritol is a healthy sweetener With greater sweetening power than white sugar itself, that's why we have to add less. Even so, we will add a small amount, only 50 grams, and could reach 70 if we want it very sweet. Of course, it must be powdered erythritol, since the granules require a more energetic movement to avoid lumps and to dissolve well.

Because it's healthy?

This simple recipe is very healthy because it does not exceed 90 calories per 100-gram serving. Keep in mind that among the ingredients there will be a creamy yogurt, erythritol, semi-skimmed or vegetable milk and an orange (juice plus zest).

this dessert is perfect to accompany with other fruits such as banana, kiwi, strawberries, papaya, grapefruit, pineapple, etc. Also with cereals and seeds. In this way, we are offering the body a load of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, fiber and others that will make us full of energy, well satiated for more than 4 hours and well nourished inside.

It is a recipe suitable for diabetics, but in this case it would not be advisable to use milk or a vegetable drink with sugar or exceed 50 grams of erythritol. Also, when combining yogurt, we should use whole grains low in fat and sugar.

Can you go vegan?

Of course you can, in fact, it is how we do it and we have adapted the recipe so that everyone can take advantage of it. A very simple and quick recipe, in addition, it is suitable for the whole family as it is dairy-free in its vegan version and as it does not use white sugar, even the elderly can take it.

To create the orange yogurt, we need a few 900 ml of vegetable drink. We recommend soy or oatmeal with no added sugar and that we have already tried before to know its flavor and get an idea of ​​whether it will work well in this recipe.

You also need a vegetable greek yogurt, that is, a creamy vegetable soy or oat yogurt without sugar and without flavors, so the search is greatly reduced. This can be difficult to find, so we recommend going to a large store like Carrefour, Alcampo or similar.

Orange yogurt with strawberries

With regard to milk and creamy yogurt, you have to buy them as natural and healthy as possible. That is, in the case of milk, it must be free of sugar and unnecessary ingredients. On the label there must be only the main ingredient (soy, oats, rice, almonds, etc.) in a 15% minimum and mineral water (some bring salt). No thickeners, oils, salts, flavor enhancers, additives, etc. If the non-dairy milk comes supplemented with calcium and vitamin D, it would be much better.

And, in the case of yogurt, the main ingredient must appear at least 80%, without sugar or unnecessary extra ingredients. That this calcium enriched, A, B12, D, E, among other vitamins, is a point in favor and a plus for our health. Vegan and vegetarian diets, since they do not consume dairy products, are usually low in calcium and for this mineral to be absorbed, there must be a good intake of vitamin D, which is why we recommend supplementation in these foods.

How to use orange yogurt

It is likely that we do not know how to combine orange yogurt with other foods, and it is not just about combining yogurt with other fruits, cereals and such, but we can use it as an ingredient in other preparations. We can create orange yogurt and then use it in biscuits, cookies and cakes, as well as sauces.

This recipe is very easy, the only bad thing is that you have to wait several hours for it to ferment, but otherwise we can make it in a moment and then have it ready to create a healthy menu the next day for breakfast or a snack with friends at home

We can use it to cover a sweet too and not only as an ingredient in its dough or preparation, we can add chocolate chips. This orange yogurt is delicious if we add red fruits or nuts. The question is to expand our imagination and not stay only in the classic yogurts. Also. With that same recipe we can make our own yogurts with lemon, strawberry, apple, raspberry, etc.

How to keep in the fridge

It is a yogurt and both in its vegan version and in its version with cow's milk, it needs to be cold to keep it in good condition for a maximum of 3 days. For its correct conservation we have to use individual jars with tight-fitting lids.

Why individual? Because if we use a large tupperware to put in the 4 portions of yogurt that we are going to create, if we are constantly opening it and taking out portions or eating directly from the tupperware, what is left over becomes contaminated and can lead to bacterial and fungal infections. That, although we do not see them, they are there, since they give more life to the organic material that is already our orange yogurt.

The tupperware must be made of glass. And this is mainly due to 2 reasons: storing food in glass is safer because it does not degrade with use and glass cools better and faster than plastic.

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