Healthy chocolate custard in 5 minutes

Healthy Chocolate Custard

Chocolate custards are everyone's favorite dessert, but they are usually very caloric and very high in sugars. But with our recipe, we are going to be able to make healthy, sugar-free chocolate custards in just a few minutes. In addition, our recipe is suitable for the whole family, does not contain eggs and has a vegan version.

Healthy sweets exist and on our website we can find an infinite number of options. Today we are going to focus on these delicious and easy chocolate custards that have nothing to envy those of Danone or Mercadona. Our recipe is healthy and sugar-free, since we use foods that are sweet in themselves, like bananas.

They're healthy?

Yes, if they weren't we wouldn't be writing this recipe. Each custard in our recipe has about 90 kilocalories, but the truth is that not everyone can eat it. Diabetics should check the ingredients and discuss it with a nutritionist to see if they could make these custards at home or not.

Children and not so children can take these chocolate custards, as well as older people, since it is easy to chew, easy to digest, sugar-free and with natural ingredients. If we follow a keto diet, then we cannot eat them, since in our recipe there is a banana and it is a "forbidden" food in the ketogenic diet. We put it in quotes, because the banana, a priori, is not allowed, but if we follow a flexible keto diet, then yes we could.

These chocolate custards are good for athletes due to their nutrient content, since in a single jar we have banana, erythritol, pure cocoa powder and water or vegetable drink. Another option is to add milk, but semi-skimmed, so as not to provide too many calories. If we choose soy drink, we are providing a good amount of protein.

Are they vegan?

A priori yes, because we only have pure cocoa powder, banana and water or vegetable drink. So yes, it is a delicious, healthy and vegan dessert. We can add creamy vegetable yogurt, instead of milk or water, to get a juicy texture, although be careful, the banana already adds enough texture. That is why milk or water is used, to get a slightly more liquid and not so pasty mousse-like mixture.

Be that as it may, if we avoid eggs and foods from animals such as cream (not vegetable), milk and other dairy products, these healthy chocolate custards will be vegan. The fact that something is vegan does not close the door to the rest, but they can also be consumed by everyone, children, adults, the elderly, athletes, etc.

Healthy Chocolate Custard


We have already revealed some advice in the previous section, and that is that, to achieve a creamy texture, we can use a creamy vegetable yogurt. In this way, by mixing it with the banana and the pure cocoa powder, we will achieve a very consistent texture. If we don't want it to be so mousse-like, we can add a couple of tablespoons of water, and so on until the desired texture is achieved.

The good thing about this recipe is that we won't need to buy anything, because surely we have everything at home, nor do we need a mold, oven or put it in the fridge for several hours.

What's more, we can skip the banana step and use only the creamy yogurt with the pure cocoa powder. What happens is that the banana greatly reduces the intensity of the bitter cocoa and adds very important nutrients for the body. It also increases calories, but there is a downside to everything in life.

There are other options apart from plantains, for example, papaya, persimmon, avocado, roasted pumpkin, roasted sweet potato, among others. It should be noted that the banana is dense and dry, unlike persimmon and papaya that will create a somewhat more dissolved mixture. Avocado is a very good option and needs a little more erythritol, perhaps around 40 grams if we want it to have a sweet touch, and 60 grams if we want it to be sweet and tasty chocolate custard.

Regarding non-dairy milk, we recommend one that is unsweetened and enriched in calcium and vitamin D and B12, to enhance the nutritional values ​​of these chocolate custards. Also, if it can be a healthy milk, better, that's how we subtract calories.

For example, that the ingredients of vegetable milk are only the main ingredient, such as soy, rice, oats, etc. and water and salt. Nothing more. All thickeners, oils, flavorings, sweeteners, etc. they are 100% unnecessary ingredients. A brand that we always recommend is YoSoy, and it perfectly complies with what we say about the labels and the right and necessary ingredients.


At first it does not contain eggs or dairy products, but even so it needs to be stored properly and if it is in the fridge, much better. As we have said before, no special mold is necessary, just a few jars or bowls of cereal or something similar. In those same jars, we put it in the fridge, but there is also another option and that is what we do. Instead of placing it in individual doses, we place the mixture that results from beating all the ingredients in a tupperware container, preferably made of glass and with an airtight lid.

And what we do is take the rations out of the tupperware and serve ourselves on a plate or bowl. It is more hygienic in individual bowls, it is true, but if we are extremely careful, these healthy chocolate custards should last in the fridge for a maximum of 3 days.

When we say extreme precautions, we mean not serving with dirty or used cutlery and utensils, not eating directly from the tupperware, not leaving the tupperware outside the fridge or without the door lid, etc. All these errors will cause the content of the container to accelerate its putrefaction process, and instead of having custard for 3 days, it will have to be thrown away on the second day.

Of course, the tupperware should go to the bottom of the refrigerator, since there are sudden changes in temperature at the door and it can affect the quality of the recipe, both in terms of flavor, consistency, texture, and durability.

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