Low calorie natural yogurt cake

A small natural yogurt cake

We have already said on many occasions that natural yogurt is very healthy, and if it is Greek, even better. Making a yogurt cake, and having a small piece of dessert, can help us complete the nutritional values ​​of that meal, apart from yogurt in a different way and without going too far from a healthy diet.

Today's recipe is easy, fast and we also bring the vegan version. Cakes brighten life, but not all of them, since usually several grams of refined sugar are used, poor quality flours and also sugary yogurts. In this case, we are going to make the fit version of the classic natural yogurt cake, and we already warn you that it will be sweet, but using a safe and healthy sweetener.

Importance of eating natural yogurt

Natural and unsweetened yogurt is very healthy, according to experts we have to eat 1 yogurt a day. Its importance is due to probiotics, that is, highly valuable bacteria that help our body, more specifically the intestinal microbiota. That is to say, they participate in our body's immune system, improve digestion, help absorb nutrients, regulate transit and with this they keep us from suffering spikes in blood glucose and even high cholesterol or even colon cancer.

Greek yogurt is much better than regular yogurt. This is because the creamy is richer in high biological value proteins, lower in fat and with less sugar. The biological value refers to the fact that they are enzymes that are easier for our body to metabolize.

No, yogurt is not a superfood, nor is it a miracle, there are just some benefits that it has if it is accompanied by a healthy, varied and balanced diet, apart from good lifestyle habits such as doing sports several times a week, not smoking, having low stress levels, interacting with people, cultivating the mind, etc.

plain yogurt cake

Is it a healthy cake?

The healthiest thing we can eat for dessert is a fresh fruit salad made by ourselves, but yes, the truth is that this yogurt cake is indeed healthy. It is not to eat it daily, nor to eat it whole in one day, but it is healthy.

We will use only quality ingredients, such as natural unsweetened yogurt, erythritol to sweeten, 100% whole wheat flour, milk or healthy vegetable drink, and fresh fruit to decorate. Our cake does not have a cookie base, nor shortcrust pastry to eliminate calories, but in the next section we will explain how to improve the recipe.

A serving of about 80 grams of this cake has about 100 kilocalories, which leaves us a more or less wide margin to be able to enjoy it without feeling guilty for leaving a healthy diet, in addition, all the ingredients provide important nutrients and that is what really matters.

 How to improve the recipe

Before we have said 2 very important things, on the one hand, this natural yogurt cake has a vegan version and, on the other hand, our recipe does not have a crunchy base, but we are going to explain now how to achieve it.

We will explain the vegan option in the next section, now we are going to explain how to make a crunchy base without increasing the total calories of a portion too much.

We have the version with whole grain, sugar free crackers mixed with olive oil margarine or with some fresh fruit such as peach, strawberry, blueberry or pineapple, the banana is a good option, but it is very high in carbohydrates if it is ripe.

We mix the ground biscuits with the chosen fruit and place it on the base of the removable mold, thus giving it extra stability, more nutrition, but also a few more calories.

The other version of a natural yogurt cake with a crunchy base is to use shortcrust pastry. Of course, here the calories increase, since these pre-cooked masses are not usually very healthy, so you will have to choose one with few calories.

Afterwards, we can choose low-fat and sugar-free jam, unsweetened fruit juice or blend fresh fruit to decorate the cake on top and give it a personalized and special touch with which to delight guests.

Base for natural yogurt cake

Can it be made vegan?

Of course we can make a vegan natural yogurt cake, you just have to change a single ingredient: yogurt. Instead of being unsweetened plain Greek yogurt, we'll have to choose unsweetened oat or soy yogurt and if it is creamy, better.

In both the vegan and traditional versions we can choose flavored yoghurts, but be careful, these yoghurts usually use a lot of sugar and coloring instead of fresh fruit. Another option is to blend the yogurt with fresh fruit in our blender to create flavored yogurts.

The rest of the ingredients that we will use are suitable for vegans and all kinds of vegetarians, so for that part we can rest easy. It is a very simple and versatile recipe that, with a simple change, is already suitable for the whole family.

how it is preserved

To preserve this cake, the best option is not to leave it uncovered for many days in the fridge, so we recommend 3 options. On the one hand, unmold to present and then put it back in the mold and place a lid and store it in the fridge maximum 72 hours.

The second option is to buy a tartar cover, that is, a kind of microwave protection plate to protect the tart at 360 degrees and ensure that it does not get contaminated inside or outside the fridge.

The third option is to get a tupperware that fits the whole cake or in pieces and with a hermetically sealed lid, so we can keep it for a maximum of 3 days in perfect condition and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

To increase the useful life of the cake, it is best to store it at the bottom of the fridge, so we avoid temperature changes when opening and closing the fridge door. Another important fact is not to handle the cake or the pieces with your hands, since our fingers are loaded with bacteria and could accelerate the putrefaction process. Always use clean and dry utensils and if we place parchment paper between pieces of the cake, we can remove them with a minimum of contact and thus improve the presentation.

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