So you can make the fashionable "Peanutella"

The cocoa and peanut cream is not as famous as the cocoa and hazelnut cream, since the latter is directly linked to the famous Nutella or the Spanish Nocilla. Nevertheless. Cocoa and peanut cream is tasty, healthy and rich in protein, we tell you how to make it in 15 minutes.

It is a variant that, in turn, may have other options or substitutes. In this text we are going to learn how to make healthy peanut butter and cocoa, perfect for children, adults and even before or after training. Of course, no matter how healthy our version is, we must not exceed the quantities, since it is still a kind of sweet and our diet must be very balanced and healthy.

If we are allergic to peanuts or we don't like them, let us know, that within the text we will say that we can make this same cream with almost any nut. In addition, we can always make it healthy, avoiding poor quality milk, poor quality oils and excess sugar.

It is healthy?

A sugar-free and oil-free peanut butter and cocoa. The ingredients that we are going to use are all natural, healthy, cheap and surely the vast majority are already in our pantry, especially if we have a sweet tooth and if we are vegetarians, vegans or fitness lovers.

With Mercadona's peanut butter, many have discovered that this delicious nut is very healthy and very rich in protein. This is why our recipe is also suitable for those who go to the gym every day to achieve a better version of themselves and meet their physical goals.

with our cream we will get up to 10 grams of protein with just two tablespoons of this delicious cream. Also, if we spread it on whole wheat bread, fruit or something similar, the fiber, protein, vitamin and mineral content increases significantly.

Approximately two tablespoons of our cocoa and peanut butter recipe have 80 kilocalories, when an average adult should consume about 2.000 kilocalories a day, so the values ​​are quite good.

Waffle with cocoa cream and peanuts

How many times a week can I eat it?

We have already advanced it at the beginning of the text, and it is that, although it is very healthy, very rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium, phosphorus and zinc, on the part of cocoa and peanuts, there are also very important vitamins such as group B, vitamin A and E.

It is also a sweet food, like a treat, and we should not accustom the body to this type of food, since there will come a point in which 2 tablespoons will taste like little and we go to 4 and from there to 6, and we will lose the good eating habits and we will begin to gain weight.

We recommend a maximum of 6 tablespoons spread over 7 days a week, as long as it is accompanied by healthy foods such as 100% wholemeal bread, fruit, sugar-free homemade cake, low-fat ice cream, coffee, healthy non-dairy milk, etc.

Is she vegan?

This recipe, so basic, yes she is vegan, but if we are not vegan, we can change the vegetable milk for cow, goat or sheep milk. Of course, we would gain more calories when finishing the recipe and the flavor may not be as pleasant as it happens with industrial creams that use cow's milk and poor quality oils such as palm oil.

This recipe is vegan, healthy, easy to make and cheap, since all the ingredients are of good quality, of vegetable origin, there are no unnecessary oils or sugars and the ingredients will surely be at home.

To make it, we just have to mix everything in a blender glass and mix. Of course, there is the easy version, which is buying the natural and sugar-free peanut butter in a supermarket and adding the rest of the ingredients ourselves. And there is the difficult part that is also vegan, which is creating our own natural and homemade peanut butter, without poor quality oils and without sugar.

A crepe filled with cocoa cream and peanuts with fruits


We have already mentioned it before, this peanut and cocoa cream is similar to the cocoa hazelnut cream. So, in the same way, we can use almonds, pistachios, cashews, seeds, etc.

The vast majority of recipes avoid oil, even if it is extra virgin olive oil, and they usually use good quality vegetable milk, there is no sugar, etc. Healthy recipes often choose not to use sugar, but sweeteners such as erythritol.

In addition, all the ingredients count, so we must choose those that we already know to know if we will like the final result or not. Besides, you have to choose well, because in the case of needing vegetable milk, you have to look for one that does not have sugar or unnecessary ingredients such as oils, thickeners, flavor enhancers, stabilizers, salts, etc.

Only the main ingredient (for example, hazelnuts), a secondary one (for example, rice), water and salt. If it is only a main ingredient, such as oats, it must be present at a minimum of 12%. The rest of the ingredients no longer exist, therefore, there should not be any sugar, and in any case it should be supplemented with calcium, vitamin D and B12.


This defatted pure cocoa and peanut butter can be left in the fridge more than 7 daysYes, that is well covered. When it comes to homemade food, we must be very careful with conservation, since a mistake or cross contamination can lead to 2 days of diarrhea.

We recommend a glass tupperware with a hermetically sealed lid.. To increase its conservation, it is recommended that this tupperware be at the back of the fridge, since being on the door or near it, there will be changes in temperature and that will cause bacteria to proliferate.

In the same way, we should not be opening and closing the tupperware, because the entry of oxygen fuels the bacteria and the process of putrefaction of the food accelerates. To handle the contents of the container, we must use a very clean and dry kitchen utensil, serve and immediately put it back in the fridge.

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  1.   juan gomar said

    The problem with peanuts is that they have one of the highest omega 6/omega 3 ratios, which is not good for the balance of these fats. Therefore it should be consumed in moderation, it is not a source of healthy fat.