Cocoa cream and healthy dates

Slice of bread with cocoa cream and dates

Cocoa and date cream is considered the easiest and tastiest homemade Nutella to make, in addition, it is 100% vegan and suitable for all allergens, since it does not contain flour or dairy of any kind. A very simple recipe with which to taste crunchy chocolate muffins, without worrying about the amount of sugar.

A tablespoon of original Nutella has approximately 18 grams of sugar, which is close to the limit of 25 grams that the WHO comments for children and adults per day. Hence, we wanted to bring to our website the healthy cocoa and date cream that little, or nothing, envy the most authentic Nutella.

It does not matter that we do not like dates, since everything is so well integrated into the recipe, we will only notice the sweetness, we will not be chewing the date, since we know that it is a very healthy product, but it is not suitable for all palates.

Are dates healthy sugar?

As a result of the controversy that arose with Realfooding's cocoa and date cream, we wanted to know if the date is healthy when it comes to sweetening or is it as harmful as white supermarket sugar.

The date is a fruit that is obtained from the Phoenix palm trees, and it is most common to eat it dry. It is very sweet and has a very characteristic flavor, which is why it is so common to use it in healthy recipes as a substitute for sugar or other sweeteners.

It can also be said that The good thing about eating whole fruit is that we respect the fiber matrix that covers the sugarsHowever, when making juices, smoothies, purées, and so on, that matrix is ​​broken and the intrinsic sugar becomes free like white sugar.

Dates have 63% natural sugar, basically glucose and fructose. The good thing about dates, unlike other products with refined sugar, is that fried dates are rich in fiber and that helps lower the glycemic index. While products made with refined white sugar create blood glucose spikes given its rapid absorption.

In short, it is healthier to sweeten with dates than with white sugar, but we should not overdo it. Experts recommend a maximum of 5 dates a day.

What does cocoa provide?

Pure cocoa powder, for those who do not consume it regularly or are used to other types of soluble cocoa such as Cola Cao or Nesquik or soluble cocoa from supermarkets, where they sell us the false idea that we are drinking cocoa, but in fact it is full of sugars, it may seem crazy to us given the bitter taste of pure cocoa powder.

But it is not like that, the reality is quite different. It is true that you have to adapt the palate. We, as a health advice, recommend replacing those soluble cocoas with pure cocoa powder. For example, Mercadona's La Chocolatera defatted cocoa powder is quite well priced.

At first we can add a small amount and keep our milk with sugar (animal or vegetable), and then add more pure cocoa and change to unsweetened milk.

Pure cocoa provides us with a multitude of benefits such as, for a reason, it is considered a superfood. 100 grams of this food provide almost 25 grams of protein, 37 grams of fiber, 240 kilocalories, 16 grams of carbohydrates, 0,0 grams of sugar and 7 grams of fat.

Apart from this, for every 100 grams, we have sodium, calcium, iron (provides 77% of the recommended daily allowance), potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese and selenium. Also vitamin A, B1, B3, B9, E, and K.

Cocoa cream and dates with strawberries

Tips to improve the recipe

This cream, we already say that it can be somewhat thick, instead of the creamy and easy-to-spread texture of the classic Nutella. This is why, if we want it as similar as possible, we can add a small splash of almond or walnut vegetable drink, which are two flavors that match perfectly. We could also choose from hazelnuts, and we already give the perfect touch to the healthy cocoa and date cream that we bring today.

With regard to milk, you have to know how to choose well, since not just any will work, since we could make the recipe worse and it would no longer be so healthy. When choosing the vegetable drink we have to look at its ingredients and we have to avoid buying those that have a list of more than 5 ingredients.

We have to buy it without sugar and without sweeteners of any kind, without oils, or thickeners, without flavor enhancers, or anything extra incensary. Only the main ingredient in a minimum of 12%, water and sea salt, apart from supplements such as calcium, B12, vitamin D, etc. that I can bring

Another tip is in regards to lumps. Depending on how much we crush the ingredients, there will be more or less lumps of the dates. We can strain the result, but if we follow the recipe step by step, the result will not be a fluid cream, but something compact and thick.

How to conserve

This cocoa and date cream is going to last a long time in the fridge, but don't be overconfident either, since it could go bad and it's hard to know since it won't grow mold for several weeks.

We recommend preparing the mixture with the help of a kitchen robot or a blender and storing everything in small glass jars with hermetic closure, or a very secure closure if possible. Only in this way will we avoid contamination from the outside due to manipulation, air ingress or similar circumstances.

In addition, to increase its conservation, it is recommended store the jars in the fridge, at the back and never on the door. There are many temperature changes on the refrigerator door, and they can cause the appearance of bacteria and fungi.

It goes without saying, but we say it. You have to spend jar by jar, so we avoid contamination with the knife or spoon that may or may not be sucked. It is not recommended to keep everything in a large jar, handle it spreading the cocoa cream and dates on breads and then put the leftover back. The knife and bread crumbs will cause the cream to go bad before its time.

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