Matcha Tea Brownie

A piece of matcha brownie

A brownie is always welcome and if we add the benefits of match tea to that chocolate pleasure, we get the healthiest and most exquisite match brownie we have ever tasted. It is easy to make, we only need very everyday ingredients that we are sure we all have at home at this very moment. A perfect whim to invite friends over, to visit the in-laws or to indulge ourselves on a Sunday afternoon.

A brownie always goes well, plus this one mixes two types of chocolate and has match tea, so we get all the good things about chocolate and matcha in just a few bites. It should be said that this recipe has more calories than usual, but as a treat or as a gift after a week of hard work.

Let's not forget that we should not become obsessed with diets, what we have to do is eat intelligently with a varied and healthy diet and if we want to treat ourselves, we give it to ourselves, be it this brownie match or a slice of toast with Nutella . The more we deprive ourselves, the more frustration we will have and instead of enjoying food we will feel sad and forced, even having health problems, fear of food, insecurity, etc.

Throughout this text we are going to learn how to make one of the best brownies on the market, besides that it is healthy, we are also going to learn about some of the benefits of matcha tea and pure cocoa that we are going to use in the preparation of the dessert.

We give a recipe, but each one can adapt it to their liking. That is, if we don't like white chocolate, then we don't put it, if we have never tried this recipe, then we reduce the amount of match tea and increase the amount of cocoa, for example.

The recipe is customizable

Yes, we created a recipe that we have tried and we have been able to vary it as we have been making it, but not because we put those ingredients, times and method of preparation, it has to be the absolute truth. On the contrary, the vast majority of recipes are customizable. For example, in our recipe we are going to use pure cocoa, white chocolate and two types of nuts, but we can also use coconut and cocoa chips to give it a touch of flavor and the perfect crunch without losing essential vitamins and minerals.

Matcha tea remains, obviously, otherwise it would not be a matcha brownie recipe, we can also put sugar instead of powdered sweetener; gluten free flour instead of regular flour; zest of lemon or orange peel instead of vanilla essence or do not put any of that; margarine instead of butter; vegan preparation instead of egg; hazelnuts instead of almonds or cashews or whatever we want, etc.

As we can see, the recipe is 100% customizable. The only thing that we recommend is that, if it is the first time that we prepare it, it is better to follow our steps, and the next time we remove or add ingredients. It is different to change normal flour for gluten-free flour or a nut for another, that can be done, but we mean making more specific changes such as the type of cocoa.

Matcha brownie batter with coconut

Why use pure cocoa?

It is a recipe for a sweet from which we are going to remove the sugar and we are going to incorporate healthy sweeteners such as erythritol or Stevia. The idea is to create a healthy dessert, therefore, the ingredients must live up to the demands. Chocolate is a very important part of a brownie, so we will use pure cocoa pieces.

At this point, we use either the pure cocoa chips that they usually sell or we buy a tablet with a minimum of 75% cocoa and chop it into uneven pieces. It must always have a high percentage of cocoa, since this way we get rid of powdered milk, sugars and other unhealthy ingredients such as oils.

The good thing about pure cocoa is that they provide us with a multitude of nutrients, unlike milk chocolate, which is usually sugary and is usually made up of ingredients that are not good for our body, which is why we feel bloated, our skin becomes oily and they break out. pimples.

Pure cocoa provides important nutrients such as phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, calcium, potassium, zinc, manganese and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, E and pantothenic acid, caffeine, riboflavin, thiamine, tannins, theobromine, antioxidants, etc.

In the recipe we will also use white chocolate, if we want to make this brownie even more fit, we eliminate the white cocoa and that's it. The only bad thing is that we will not get that mix of flavors that arise when mixing match tea and white chocolate. When we choose this chocolate, we should choose one that is low in fat, with decent ingredients, far from high percentages of sugar, without palm oil, without artificial colors, etc.

Matcha tea

One of the most popular teas for years, in fact, on Instagram it has become normal to see young people making videos while they drink that tea in a special jar with a special metal straw. It may be posturing, it's true, but when we know the benefits of matcha tea in the morning, then we all want to drink it.

It is a tea that our palate will not like at first, so we recommend using erythritol or mixing it with some kind of sweet as we do with this matcha tea recipe. Although if we have not re-educated our palate, it is likely that we will not like this sweet very much.

Reeducating the palate is a fairly quick process, just start making small changes like removing sweetened soluble cocoa and drinking our milk with pure cocoa powder; reduce the amounts of sugar daily by taking natural yogurt and instead of buying sugary, buy it normal and to sweeten we use fruits or natural honey.

They are small changes that we can make to improve our diet and our health, as well as to introduce new flavors and foods, such as the matcha tea that it gives us. natural antioxidants and important vitamins such as A, B2, C, D, E and K. There are also essential minerals in that drink or ingredient such as phosphorus, iron, calcium and chlorophyll.

The important thing about antioxidants is that they will help us fight free radicals that affect our skin and cells throughout the body, including neurons and blood capillaries. It is estimated that a single gram of matcha has up to 15 times more antioxidants than blueberries and up to 53 times more than spinach.

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