Pump Track, everything about this fashionable sport

A man doing pump track

The pump track is a type of sport that is carried out on a somewhat special mountain bike. Throughout this text we are going to know all the details of this sport, from its circuit, safety and equipment, the minimum age and the benefits of practicing it.

A fun and exciting sport, but one that is not without risk, that is why in one of the sections of this text we are going to explain what is necessary to comply with said security. Pump track is like motocross, but with bicycles, and the truth is that the minimum age is quite surprising despite being an activity with many jumps, speed and where very good reflexes are required.

What is it?

It is one of the techniques most used by professional cyclists and also amateurs, especially when MTB. This is because the pump track gives us a experience of adrenaline, speed, jumps and pirouettes, which with conventional cycling is very difficult.

Normally it is done in a closed circuit that repeats itself in a loop and is small, be it sand, parquet, cement, asphalt or even grass. We basically have two levels of difficulty, on the one hand, the basic or beginner level, which is based on improving your skills with your bike, gaining speed, learning techniques and so on. On the other hand, the advanced level, for those who already have some agility, technique and balance skills, in curves, jumps and pirouettes.

This sport is allowed from the age of 6, although not all children can participate, since it requires a lot of experience with the bicycle, basic skills, good handling of the bike, etc. This is why you sometimes start on the pump track in adolescence.

A man on a bicycle

How should the bike be?

Obviously not any bicycle is worth it, it is as if we used a road bike to do a route through the mountains. Surely we can't last more than 2 km.

To practice and enjoy pump track conditions, our bicycle needs to have certain basic characteristics and they are the ones that we are going to detail below:

  • It must be a bike suitable for Enduro, XC or BMX. Also another option is hardtail dirt bike.
  • Rear and front shock absorber.
  • 26 wheels up to a maximum of 29 inches. 18 inches are also accepted.
  • Brakes and gears are dispensable, unless we use that same bike to get around.
  • Pedals do not clip to shoes.
  • Wide and resistant wheels.
  • Light weight, but solid structure.


The issue of safety is key in this sport, let's remember that there are several cyclists at high speed, doing tricks and most of them without brakes. It is common to see accidents and blows, but none are serious, that is why you have to be extremely safe, for example, it is mandatory to wear a helmet, then to add more security, you may want to wear technical clothing, as well as elbow and knee pads, without forgetting the backrest, in the purest motorcycle style.

Each circuit has its rules, in fact, in the vast majority of them, the sign with its rules is perfectly visible at the entrance. It is not surprising that in several of them it is warned that the use of the facilities supposes a risk and that each one is responsible for himself.

There is a very important rule, and common sense, you have to adapt to the progress of the circuit, that is, we must not go the wrong way under any concept. Doing so puts our lives and those of the race participants at risk. Neither walk on the edge nor distract cyclists.

If there is some kind of problem like someone on the ground, an animal, an object, etc. A warning alarm is usually launched so that all cyclists know that they must stop immediately and thus avoid a greater evil.


Practicing pump track is usually very beneficial at almost any age. Remember that the entry of minors is allowed with a minimum age of 6 years. The benefits of this sport are also day-to-day benefits, since they are related to the handling situations, physical and mental agility, reflexes, confidence, etc.

A boy practicing pump track

mountain training

If we are fans of doing routes in the mountains, practicing pump track improves stability, jumping over obstacles, resistance to gravity, mental, visual and physical agility, etc. The most important thing is not to start on an advanced level track, unless we are already advanced level cyclists, the right thing to do is to start on a pump track with a simple circuit and gradually understand the game and get used to the techniques.

Develop and improve skills

As we have seen before, by practicing this sport, we can improve our skills, among which we highlight, visual, mental and physical agility, pumping technique, supporting jumps, improve stability, lose fear of gravity in the curves, let go of our body (not literally) and feel free in each pirouette.

This sport requires a lot of discipline, confidence and perseverance, which is why there are 3 skills that are developed, which is why it is such an interesting sport for hyperactive children who need physical activity.

Improve self confidence

Confidence in oneself is of vital importance, this is achieved by improving little by little, since personal achievements are the most confidence-building. It is important to start on a circuit, as there will rarely be obstacles and problems.

Depending on our agility on the bike, we can start on a basic route, or on one where there are already several circles, slopes, walls, jumps, etc.

Development of physical abilities

Children who play sports tend to have better mental abilities, but beyond that, playing sports is essential, above all in the growth stage. Remember that resistance in children will significantly improve their quality of life when they are adults.

The bones need to be protected and this is where the muscles, tendons and ligaments come into play, which is why developing some type of physical activity improves the health of our bones and muscles, avoiding fractures and injuries.

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