Main marathons for the disabled (Spain and international)

Being disabled is not being unable to enjoy sport, it is just one more barrier that we can jump over if we set our mind to it. We are going to highlight the main races and marathons in which we can participate inside and outside of Spain if we have a recognized disability condition. There are quite a few, and each time the list becomes longer and longer, thanks to the feeling of inclusion that has been generated in society for several months now.

Marathons and half marathons are becoming more and more open to all types of public, and are even beginning to accept children under 16 years of age. Something similar happens with the disabled, and it is that it is increasingly normal to see a multitude of marathons where runners with prostheses, with guides and even with wheelchairs participate.

We are going to briefly review the main marathons and marathon measures in Spain, and even in other cities in Europe and the world, where we can run regardless of our type of disability.

Main inclusive marathons in Spain

Inclusion in our society is very necessary, not only to improve as people and advance, but for the good integration of those people who for one reason or another have vision or hearing loss, are in a wheelchair, use prostheses, etc. That there are so many marathons and half marathons where disabled people can participate is a good sign that society is on the right track, although much remains to be done to achieve full integration.

Madrid runs for Madrid and Rock and Roll Madrid Marathon

In Madrid there are many popular races, marathons and half marathons where disabled people can participate and compete in a classification adapted to them. Two of these marathons are Madrid run through Madrid and the Rock and Roll Madrid Marathon. Two key dates on the calendar if we are marathon runners and want to continue improving ourselves every day.

The one in Madrid runs through Madrid is usually held in mid-September in the capital and runs through the most emblematic streets of this beautiful city. For its part, the Rock and Roll Madrid Marathon is held in April and is usually a race divided into 3 sections where the marathon reaches 42 km and runs through emblematic corners of the capital.

A woman with a prosthetic leg

Sevilla Marathon

In this very important marathon there are two categories specifically created for the disabled. On the one hand, we have the Male and Female General Classification of Disabled Athletes in Wheelchairs, and, on the other hand, the Male and Female General Classification of Physically / Intellectually Disabled Athletes.

In this way, anyone can run this beautiful marathon and visit some corners of the capital of Andalusia at the end of February. A perfect date, where we are moving away from winter and in Seville it is divinely.

San Sebastian Marathon

A very important marathon that runs through the beautiful city of San Sebastián. This marathon is held at the end of November and we must admit that it is quite cold, but it is worth the journey and the effort.

In this marathon the participation of the disabled is also allowed in their specific category. To be exact there are 3 categories and they are: wheelchair, visual impairment and intellectual disability. Both men and women are allowed to participate, and even wheelchairs pushed and minors are allowed to participate.

In San Sebastián, another sporting event for the disabled takes place. This time organized by ONCE, and it is the Jingle Bells Race. It is held in May and seeks to give visibility to the integration of people with disabilities in sporting events.

Valencia Marathon and Half Marathon

Valencia is a city that attaches great importance to sport and integration. The Valencia marathon and half marathon is one of the most famous and crowded in Spain, and we are not surprised, not only because of the atmosphere and good organization, but also because of the integration of disabled people, the date on which it is held and because it is a very careful event.

This beautiful marathon takes place at the beginning of December and includes special categories for functional, intellectual, sensory and wheelchair disabilities. This marathon, held in the heart of Valencia, is usually financed by the "La Caixa" Foundation and promotes integration, not only in the participants, but also in the guides and volunteers of the event.

Marathon Barcelona

In the city of Barcelona, ​​a marathon is held every May where thousands of expert and amateur runners participate. In this sporting event there are 3 sports categories for the disabled: wheelchair, visual impairment and intellectual disability.

A very particular marathon that runs through essential corners of Barcelona in the middle of spring with a very good temperature to enjoy the day with family and friends, while we break barriers and support the integration of all through sport and a healthy life.

Malaga Marathon

Málaga has something special, like the pass to Cádiz, where the sea merges with the mountains. On the Costa del Sol there is a very famous and much-loved marathon that is held in mid-December and is allows the integration of disabled people which is organized into 2 different classifications, both men and women: General Mixed Classification of Wheelchair Disabled and General Mixed Classification of Physical / Intellectual Disabled.

So, if we want to enjoy the atmosphere of Malaga a few weeks before Christmas, it is the perfect excuse. This is how we also support sport and the integration of everyone through it.

A disabled man running on the beach

International inclusive marathons

Outside our borders, there are also marathons for the disabled, in fact, many of them have been fighting for years for the integration of all running enthusiasts, regardless of their physical or intellectual condition.

New York and Boston

These are 2 famous marathons throughout the world, especially the one in New York. In both, the participation of physically and intellectually disabled people is allowed. Regarding the New York test, The physically disabled with prostheses and wheelchairs, the visually disabled with a guide and the intellectually disabled with and without a guide are admitted. What is prohibited are the chairs that need to be pushed. Participation with hand bikes is allowed, since it is understood that, due to their physical handicap, they cannot run with prostheses or use a wheelchair.

The Boston Marathon is one of the oldest in the world and also allows the inclusion of the disabled. You can participate in this historic race in various ways if you are disabled, visually impaired with or without a guide, on a hand bike or hand bikes, people in wheelchairs, people with intellectual disabilities with or without a guide, etc.

Berlin Marathon

In this beautiful marathon through the streets and history of Berlin, there is also an accessibility pact and that is that in Germany there are different degrees of disability recognized depending on the type of help the person needs. That is why all kinds of disabled people are admitted to the Berlin marathon.

At the end of every September, the German capital turns into a human tide of runners and among so many different people there are disabled in wheelchairs, with prostheses, hand bikes, visually impaired with a guide, intellectually disabled with and without a guide, etc.

Paris Marathon

Paris is known as the city of love and in the month of April its main avenues are emptied of cars and a great human tide of running experts and fans appears, including many disabled people. A race that is very accessible to all and that has spent years fighting for the integration of all those who love running.

The event is held in accordance with World Para Athletics (WPA) rules, which means that only participants with disabilities who can move on their own are allowed and it leaves out wheelchairs that have to be pushed, since it considers them as assistance.

Rome Marathon

Rome is a city that mixes the modern with centuries and centuries of history, a city that falls in love, where we can walk and see art in every corner, which is why it is usually one of the most requested marathons. This marathon is held at the end of March and is one of the best dates to visit the Italian capital.

Here we can participate in one of the best marathons for the disabled while enjoying the streets that celebrate this sporting event. According to the regulations, people with disabilities can participate here. physical disabilities with prostheses, in wheelchairs and using hand bikes, people with visual or hearing disabilities with and without a guide, what is not allowed is the use of wheelchairs that must be pushed.

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