This is how you can federate in skateboarding in Spain

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If we practice skateboarding and we want to federate in Spain, we are going to indicate all the steps we have to follow to achieve it. In this simple guide, everything will be clear, and we will even point out the main federations in Spain, since not all cities or communities have a skateboarding federation in our country.

Practicing skateboarding has been a highly valued sport for decades, and some even venture to say that it is a lifestyle, a way of living on wheels. And they are right, since it seems easy to stay on a board, but it is not, and much less it is to perform pirouettes.

Skateboarding has been an Olympic sport since the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, so it's a good time to learn how to skate and when we are true aces of this cunning sport, then think about federating.

Requirements to be federated

To federate is to belong to a club that in turn acts as a legal person. Not only that, but by becoming federated we began to be part of modernization programs in our region, apart from training programs, as well as having access to technical centers, competitions and others. More visibility is also achieved in sports establishments, clubs in the face of improvements in town halls for the location of skateparks, for example.

Likewise, becoming federated also covers us with health insurance in case of injury, sick leave, disability and the like. Apart from if we suffer another confinement, the federated have the right to move and move to go to train.

When federating, age, sex, physique, technique and such are not entirely important. Anyone who practices a sport regularly can join a federation, what happens is that logic makes us federate when we really like that sport, we are good at it and we want to start participate in competitions.

In fact, according to the Royal Spanish Skating Federation comments in its Regulations Chapter II, Article 18: An athlete is a person who practices skating in any of the disciplines assumed by the RFEP and has signed the corresponding federative license for it. With the signing of said license it is
linked to his club and subject to the discipline of his Autonomous Federation and the RFEP

Of course, within the club we can federate in some specific modality, such as: Figure Skating, Speed ​​Skating, Inline Freestyle, Alpine Online, Skateboarding, Line Descent, Roller Freestyle and Scooter.

A man with a skateboard

Steps to perform the federation

Throughout this section we are going to learn how to perform the federation correctly, since a priori it may seem very complex, but it really is not. What's more, the vast majority of clubs usually do it for us, so let's get to it:

Belong to an official club

Practicing Skateboarding in a self-taught way is the most normal, that's how we all started with the bicycle, skates, soccer and such, always having a reference or someone who encouraged us to do it or gave us advice and then we continued on our own.

But when it comes to joining a federation, the simple fact of practicing Skate is worth it, but it is much better if we are in an official club where we are perfecting our techniques and we are going up in level, so we can compete and even reach the next Olympics.

In addition, the club will help us pay the federation fees and will help us with the paperwork, which is not few, and we will also have insurance and other important aspects. Just by being registered within the Autonomous Community where we want to federate, we already have half of the procedures done.

No need for a recognized category

It is not necessary to have a specific level or a specific age, except to participate in competitions. We can be federated in Skate in Spain to enter competitions, but we can also be federated, even if we do not have a sufficient level or age to participate in sporting events.

It is enough to be in an official sports club, pay the federation fee and regularly practice this sport. The federation takes less than a week to reach us by email.

Complete the application form

It can be done online on the official website of the Royal Spanish Skating Federation, or through the official websites of the Skating Federation of each Autonomous Community. Normally they fill it out from our club, but we can also do it, delivering the corresponding fee for that year, quarter or semester in the account number that they provide us.

A man practicing skateboarding

Skateboarding federations in Spain

Depending on the area in which we live, within Spanish territory, we can federate in one community or another, but it must always be done through a sports club. In addition, it is easier, faster, safer and they help us with all the procedures, in addition, the fee includes a percentage to improve the facilities where we practice this sport.


In Andalusia there is the Andalusian Skating Federation and they have a Skateboard section, so we can join a federation in Andalusia if we live in that community. The address of the headquarters and contact details are as follows:

  • La Cartuja Stadium, South Gallery, Gate F, Module 11
    41092 – SEVILLE
  • General Email |
    Phone – 954 46 11 31 | Mobile – 661 ​​94 79 31


In the capital of Spain there is also the Madrid Skating Federation and of course it has a Skateboarding section. To federate within the Community of Madrid, we can do it through our club or go to the headquarters. These are the official data:

  • C/ Arroyo del Olivar, 49-1º, 28018 (Madrid).
  • Phone: 91 478 01 55 / Fax: 91 478 01 77 / E-mail:


In Catalonia there is also the Catalan Skating Federation and they have a Skateboarding section. We can federate in our Autonomous Community by going to the headquarters or through our club.

  • Av. Meridiana 27, 3r. 08018 Barcelona.
  • Tel. +34 93 215 05 13 / Fax +34 93 487 19 86 / Email: or


The Skating Federation of the Principality of Asturias will be our main option if we reside in Asturias. In this beautiful Autonomous Community there is a Skateboarding section, and we will have to go to the address indicated or ask our club to do it for us:

  • Avda. Julián Clavería, 11 / 33006 – Oviedo.

the Basque Country

In the Basque Country we can also federate in Skate if that's what we want. We only have to do it through our club or using the data that we leave below.

  • Av. Julian Gaiarre 46, Bajo 48004 – Bilbao
  • Mov.: 644 664 527 Email:


Galicia, a land full of nature and beauty where we can practice Skate in many locations and in sports clubs. We can also federate within the Community by asking our club for help and advice, or by approaching the address we leave below:

  • Agustín Díaz Square, nº 3 15008 – A Coruña.
  • General Email | / Phone | 981 130 994 – Fax | 981 134 183


In the Valencian Community we can also practice Skate and the sport we want, because in this community sports are supported at all ages and a multitude of competitions, races, sporting events and others are organized. Once again, we can federate in the Valencian Community through our club or by going to this email address:

  • 647046637

Canary Islands

Skating is also practiced in paradise and what better views than the beach, at sunset, surrounded by friends and with perfect weather all year round. We can federate in the Canary Islands in the same way, or through our club or in person at the following address:

  • León y Castillo, 26
  • +671 777 358

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