Facial yoga, the latest fashionable treatment among celebrities

facial yoga

Aligning with the current movement towards taking a more natural approach to looking and feeling good, as well as accepting the passage of time without resisting, the facial yoga has been gaining popularity among people who want to reduce the signs of aging without relying on invasive methods. The practice, which has seen a recent surge in popularity, is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and takes a holistic approach. It involves training the muscles of the neck, skull and face, and has been around for quite some time. In fact, there are even historians who suggest that Cleopatra herself may have used this technique to prevent the appearance of a double chin.

In this article we are going to tell you what facial yoga is and how it can help you.

Facial yoga, the fashionable treatment among celebrities

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The popularity of facial exercises among celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Cindy Crawford and Meghan Markle can be attributed to their claims of achieving youthful appearances. These exercises, known as face yoga, are a holistic practice developed in collaboration with medical professionals, including doctors, dentists, physical therapists, and traditional Chinese medicine specialists.

The main benefits of facial yoga go beyond muscle activation, tension release and skin improvement. Also revitalizes the body, improves breathing, corrects posture, balances the nervous and hormonal systems and promotes mobility and facial symmetry. Infobae had the opportunity to speak with Carolina Winograd, facial yoga instructor, who shed light on this increasingly popular practice.

According to cosmetic surgeon Johanna Furlan (MN 122.975), facial yoga is an essential addition to daily skincare routines, as it strengthens, tones, lifts, and relaxes the facial muscles that support the skin. From her perspective, any consistent and beneficial practice should be considered a valuable habit to maintain overall body health. Considering the constant exposure of the face to external elements, she considers that it deserves comprehensive care throughout the year.

According to Furlan, facial yoga not only offers physical exercise but also It also complements in-office treatments and at-home skin care routines. Promotes a feeling of well-being and harmony with the body through massage. Furthermore, creating a space of tranquility and taking time for yourself is instantly reflected on our faces.

Facial yoga professionals

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With the rise in popularity of face yoga, there has been an influx of people claiming to be experts in the field on social media. However, it is essential to find a trusted professional to avoid falling into the hands of those who make unrealistic promises of achieving magical results in a short period of time. According to Winograd, the rise of facial yoga has led to a wave of pseudo-experts who lack knowledge about facial anatomy and functionality. These people offer “massages” or “facial exercises” that can actually cause more harm than good. Poorly performed practices can lead to increased wrinkles, asymmetry, and ultimately disappointment. Those who perform these facial movements in the hope of looking much younger will surely end up disappointed.

In addition, he delved into the topic, stating that the constant and regular practice of a facial yoga technique, endorsed by experts in the field, results in a rejuvenating experience. This renewal does not arise solely from the appearance of a ten-year reduction in age, but emanates from a deep sense of satisfaction within our skin. Besides, Daily activation of muscles, blood circulation and lymphatic system contributes to a radiant and glowing complexion.

Certified by a renowned facial yoga institution in Europe, it follows the Glow In Face technique. According to her, this practice and training regimen is distinguished from others because it engages and shapes all facial muscles. The distinctive structure and composition of the method guarantee optimal results through carefully sequenced muscle activation.

Properties for the skin

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In a recent consultation with dermatologist Claudia Ponsone Bohn (MN 118.711), Infobae sought information about the reasons behind the growing popularity of this practice. According to Dr. Ponsone Bohn, the increased exposure of the topic in recent times has played an important role. She stood out the importance of information and stated that well-informed people have the power to make the most of it.

Highlighting the correlation between body mobility and increased oxygenation due to better circulation, he further emphasized that facial yoga, by oxygenating the skin, logically improves texture and luminosity as a result.

Based on his knowledge of facial muscles and skin, he made the following observation: "Wrinkles tend to appear in areas of the face that experience movement. This technique specifically targets the front of the face, where expressions are formed, while the front of the face, where expressions are formed, The side of the face provides support for these movements.

Benefits of practicing facial yoga

Muscle relaxation is a key benefit of massages, as they target and release tension in specific areas such as the masseter of the jaw or the area between the eyebrows. This release of tension is particularly effective in reducing expression lines as it helps alleviate the underlying cause of wrinkles.

By stimulating the lymphatic system and employing specific drainage techniques, we effectively relieve facial congestion and We reduce fluid accumulation, focusing especially on the eye and nose regions.

Massage has been shown to improve blood flow, which improves the circulation of nutrients to tissues, which promotes optimal cellular function. By employing proper muscle technique, it is possible to temporarily minimize the facial oval, enhancing the prominence of features and promoting healthier-looking skin.

As you can see, as long as it is done with an expert, facial yoga has numerous benefits. I hope that with this information you can learn more about partial yoga and its characteristics.